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SimulationX offers a full stack of software for modelling, simulating and analyzing technical systems, including mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, and controls, as well as thermal, magnetic, and other physical behavior.

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Without the right technology in place, it’s going to be extremely manual to leverage  data.  Being able to identify potential design problems early has become even harder without the right solution. Today’s design complexity demands continuous and integrated engineering. Being able to integrate these systems better and faster then the new competition with require simulation software. The SimulationX SubSea libraries for hydraulics as well as for power and communication analyses are specially designed for the needs of the oil and gas industry and holds multiple processes together to create an integrated system.
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Increase productivity by combining data coming from test and simulation using our Subsea models and methodologies. SimulationX has everything you need to break the silos between design, manufacturing, and maintenance and lets you move much faster by putting the power back in your hands.



With the Hydraulics library in SimulationX, you get an extensive selection of basic models (including hydraulic volume, pressure source, flow source), actuators, valves and lines as well as component models for transmission actuators.

Hydraulic Lubrication Systems

The Hydraulic Lubrication System library contains element types to design oil circuits, particularly for lubrication systems of gearboxes and engines. Included model elements are:

MBS Belt Drives

The MBS Belt Drives   allows you to analyze belt, hoist or traction drives, using model elements from the library Belt Drives and get information about your dynamic behavior and interactions with surrounding systems through meaningful calculations.

Subsea Electrical

The SubSea Electrical library developed in close collaboration between ESI ITI GmbH and the international offshore/sub-sea engineering consultancy Agito, is a library specially designed for modeling electrical systems for sub-sea environments.


The Pneumatics library contains elements, which can be used for modeling of systems with internal gas floW and comes further with lots of predefined gases.

HVAC and Power Lite

HVAC and Power Lite Module includes the Hydrogen Power library with an electrolyzer model. Built for SimulationX, it offers a solid foundation for simulating and analyzing fluid power, thermodynamic, mechanical, and electrical systems. single platform for modeling, simulating, and analyzing technical systems, including mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, and controls, as well as thermal, magnetic, and other physical behavior.

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